CYPE improves and boosts its architectural modelling solutions with the launch of the 2021 version


The new CYPE Architecture software is free and allows for 3D architectural modelling without geometric restrictions in an Open BIM workflow

The connection with other applications enables the energy simulation and calculation of installations, the generation of Bills of Quantities, clash analysis and the extraction of graphic and written documentation in the CYPE suite

CYPE has launched the new 2021 version that includes the CYPE Architecture program. This program highlights CYPE’s commitment to improving its offering of architecture programs since this application allows for 3D architectural modelling without geometric restrictions and makes it possible to prepare models with which users can carry out energy simulation and HVAC calculations, generate Bills of Quantities, clash analysis, the extraction of plans and graphic documentation as well as the generation of reports without needing to use third-party software.

This new software, which has been specifically designed to be integrated into the Open BIM workflow proposed by CYPE using the platform, forms part of the solutions for architecture that CYPE began to incorporate into the 2020 version in order to increase the possibilities for technicians to develop more creative projects whilst minimising error margins thanks to its 3D view.

A solution based on the “Sketch-Architecture” duality

The CYPE Architecture program is based on the “Sketch-Architecture” duality, which allows the architect to “conceive the building” in the initial phases of creation with a sketch with which they can carry out volumetric, ergonomic and occupation studies, and then assign construction elements such as facades, partitions, screeds, slabs and roofs to the surfaces created in the sketch. For CYPE's Technical Director, Carlos Fernández, this “Sketch-Architecture” duality favours the software being flexible and without geometric restrictions.

To make this possible, CYPE Architecture combines all the modelling and design possibilities offered by current architecture programs that refer to the modelling of stairs and ramps, suspended ceilings, carpentry, furniture (both residential and office) and sanitary equipment. Furthermore, it expands these possibilities in this new software, which is an evolution of IFC Builder, by having a much superior 3D modelling capacity and, for example, allowing the modelling of complex structures in the conceptual design phase of the project.

More work possibilities in the CYPE suite

The launch of CYPE Architecture offers technicians the opportunity to work on architectural modelling with a very powerful and free program with which, in addition, to increase professional possibilities without having to use software developed by other companies thanks to the connection possibilities that offers with specialist programs.

One of the possibilities CYPE Architecture offers is preparing models for energy simulation and HVAC calculations thanks to its connection with Open BIM Analytical Model, the program for the generation of analytical geometric models of buildings in order to carry out energy and acoustic analysis.

This new 3D architectural modelling program also allows users to create digital models with which they can generate the Bills of Quantities. To carry out this process, CYPE Architecture connects to the Open BIM Quantities program which automatically reads the properties and quantities contained in the IFC files that make up the digital model of the building.

Another interesting connection of the models generated by CYPE Architecture is the connection to the Open BIM Model Checker program, a tool that helps users to quickly identify existing clashes and errors in virtual models, favouring the exchange of information and speeding up the resolution of problems.

Generation of graphic and written documentation

In addition to the previous connections, CYPE Architecture allows the generation of models to extract graphic and written documentation. For the former, the modelling program connects to Open BIM Layout, generating sections, facades and plans by combining different layers of information, scales and resolutions.

Furthermore, and thanks to CYPE Construction Systems, technicians can define the technical characteristics corresponding to the construction systems that make up the envelope and internal partitioning of the building. To go a step further and generate the project reports, the program, like the rest of the applications, can connect to Open BIM Memories CTE and generate with it the report and manage the building project.