CYPE opens new online store

CYPE has renovated their virtual sales platform which is finally offering a more dynamic navigation system. In a simpler manner it shows the benefits of the programs and simplifies the purchasing process.

Access to the products has been divided into groups and areas that classify CYPE’s software. Each one contains the programs that are able to be purchased separately or in more economic combinations, along with their detailed description and price in Euros.

With the new design of website navigation, the client is able to realize their purchasing options or choose any combination of the software in a more personalized environment which offers direct chat (during office hours) along with a telephone number visibly placed on the webpage.

CYPE is working to translate the page into various languages and to include the possibility for professionals all over the world to directly purchase their products. Nevertheless, the new space allows the company to inform their consumers about the programs, its benefits, and any consultation with the international personnel of CYPE.

To view their new online store’s webpage you can find it on the home page or by clicking here. This site is also compatible with mobile devices and tablets.