CYPE travels to the Ivory Coast to present its software for the design and analysis of structures

The Spanish software company for architecture, engineering and construction, CYPE, has led a meeting in the city of Abidjan in the Ivory Coast, the largest urban centre in the country, where it showed around thirty professionals from the country how its tools for the design and analysis of structures work.

During a meeting held this February at the Pullman Hotel in Abidjan, Hernán Ludovici from CYPE’s Technical Department showed the latest features that the software company has implemented in its structural analysis solutions. He also gave a demonstration with the CYPECAD and CYPE 3D software to show Ivorian designers how to define the structural system, loads and foundations of the building, as well as to obtain graphical results of the project.

Those attending the meeting also learned about the connection of these two programmes with CYPE’s Construction Cost Database for Ivory Coast (Générateur de Prix)a tool that enables designers to create a project budget that is more in line with the reality of their country, and reduce cost overruns by taking into account factors such as labour costs in the country, the cost of machinery, inflation and employer on-costs, among other variables.

The Ivorian designers were very surprised by the level of precision in their country of CYPE’s Construction Cost Database (Generador de Precios), and highlighted the suitability of the tool to avoid differences between the works to be executed and the project.

According to Carlos Fernández, Technical Director of CYPE, the Generador de Precios program provides a construction cost database in several emerging countries, where in the majority of cases it does not exist, since the database is adapted to over thirty countries in Africa, America and Europe.