More than 14,000 building technicians train with CYPE in 2019


CYPE organiza más de 600 encuentros profesionales en 25 países

El 40% de los asistentes ha participado de forma presencial en estas jornadas, mientras que un total de 10.800 profesionales lo hicieron a través de eventos online

CYPE has trained more than 14,000 building technicians and professionals during 2019 in a total of 25 countries, thanks to the organisation of 626 professional conferences, of which 54% were in person and the rest took place online.

With this information, CYPE repeats for yet another year their compromise to offer quality training amongst technicians in the construction sector, through the organisation of conferences specialised and adapted to the needs of the different professional profiles that use the programmes developed by CYPE.

In this sense, the work of spreading Open BIM technology between professionals from all types of business sizes in the sector should be noted, since the use of BIM through the platform was present in the majority of courses organised by CYPE.

For Carlos Fernández, Technical Director of CYPE, BIM technology is affecting or will affect, in one way or another, all agents in the construction sector. As such, their adaptation to this new way of working is essential to guarantee their professional development.

In fact, a report carried out by the European Commission, "Building Information Modelling in the EU Construction Sector”, outlines that 68% of European architecture businesses predict that architects who don’t provide information compatible with BIM will lose out on business opportunities in the future.

With regards to the geographical location where the conferences were held, Spain was once again the country with the most in-person training courses organised by CYPE, reaching a total of 177 events. On his part, and due to the increasing international establishment of CYPE, Carlos Fernández highlights the work dedicated to the celebration of conferences in other countries– CYPE organised a total of 158 in-person events in 25 countries and 180 online conferences.

In this manner, in 2019 CYPE offered in-person training courses in China, Korea and Singapore for the first time in its history. At the same time it promoted and strengthened events carried out in Portugal, Colombia, Brazil, France, Morocco, Algeria and India, amongst other countries.

With this tailor made training adapted to the regulations and needs of each country, CYPE looks to “build loyalty amongst our current users, increase our market share in them through quality training, and consolidate our company’s brand”, explains Carlos Fernández, Technical Director of CYPE.