CYPETEL Wireless is a free application for the design of wireless networks for indoor spaces by carrying out coverage analyses.

CYPETEL Wireless is integrated in the Open BIM workflow by using IFC interchange files. CYPETEL Wireless is distributed for free and can be downloaded from the® platform.

Working with®

To be able to use the application, users must register on the® website. Once the program and® synchronizer have been downloaded and installed, any new projects created by users must have an associated project stored on the platform, and this way, allowing for the collaborative Open BIM workflow to take place.

Program tools

The program has the tools required to design wireless communication systems, where users can define their installation properties as well as the factors that intervene in the design:

  • Emitters
    Different types of emitters can be created. Once they have been included in the installation, their position is visible in the three-dimensional view.

  • Analysis
    The frequency bands for the analysis can be defined, and the propagation parameter can be adjusted to obtain results in accordance with the type of building.

  • Construction elements
    A library is available to users, for each type of construction element, to define the attenuation in each frequency band. This information can be accessed using the library buttons or the tree diagram. By using the latter access mode, the construction elements can be seen in the three-dimensional view.

  • Spaces
    Each type of space has an option to define the work plane.

  • Reception points
    The spatial layout of reception points can be decided by users or automatically by the program. It is possible to discard spaces for which the design is not to be carried out.

Results view

Once the analysis of the designed installation has been carried out, the program has different options to view the results (contour maps and contour lines) superimposed on floor plans and in the 3D view.


Results reports

The program generates reports containing the results that have been obtained for the installations. The reports that are generated based on the analysis of the installations can be exported to different formats (TXT, HTML, RTF, DOCX, PDF) to then be printed and/or modified by users. These reports can also be associated to the IFC file that is exported to the BIM model.

Drawings and diagrams

CYPETEL Wireless can export diagrams and drawings to several formats (DXF, DWG, JPG, EMF, BMP).