Program description

CYPETHERM Improvements Plus is a tool designed to carry out the energy audit of buildings and analysis of possible improvement measures, with an energy and economic study of the different alternatives, aimed at connecting with CYPETHERM programs with the EnergyPlus™ analysis engine (CYPETHERM EPlus, CYPETHERM HE Plus and CYPETHERM SCE-CS Plus).

"CYPETHERM Improvements Plus" is the evolution of "CYPETHERM Improvements" to optimize the connection of the improvement measures analysis program with the results offered by CYPETHERM programs with the EnergyPlus™ analysis engine.

One of the main features that differentiates "CYPETHERM Improvements Plus" from "CYPETHERM Improvements" is that users can describe the energy consumption of the different services of the building and establish the final energy from the non-renewable primary energy.

License requirements

To be able to work with "CYPETHERM Improvements Plus", the user license must contain the "Improvement measures" permit, which is the same as that required for "CYPETHERM Improvements".