Compatible structural models

In its first version, "StruBIM Uploader" allows users to incorporate models, which have been generated in the following formats by structural design programs, into Open BIM projects, including their design results:

  • IFC produced with Advance Design®
    "Advance Design®" is a registered trademark of GRAITEC Innovation SAS. When selecting this option, the program requests two files to be selected, an IFC file and another results file in TXT format, both generated from Advance Design®.

  • XML produced with ETABS®
    ETABS® is a registered trademark of Computer & Structures Inc. Currently, the possibility of including XML produced with the versions ETABS 2016 and ETABS 18 has been implemented.
    "StruBIM Uploader" generates, based on the information contained in the ETABS® XML, the information required to design shear walls in "StruBIM Design Shear Walls", and also incorporates the XML into the Open BIM project. It can be imported in "StruBIM Design", "StruBIM Analysis" and "StruBIM Foundations".

  • Other applications
    In the initial home panel of "StruBIM Uploader", other applications can be seen (whose connections have not yet been implemented), that users can select to request CYPE to include in a future version. In this way, the needs and preferences of users can be identified.

The selected structural model can be incorporated into a project on (new or existing), automatically generating files in GLTF format that can be viewed both on the platform as well as the rest of the applications integrated into the Open BIM workflow.