Update history

The new features implemented in version 2024.a of CYPELEC PV Systems will prevent version 2024.a of the program and subsequent versions from being able to read jobs created with versions prior to 2024.a. These jobs can be read with version 2023.g or the version with which they were created.

Previous versions of CYPELEC PV Systems can be downloaded from the platform. In any case, we recommend that you always use the latest version for new jobs.

The analysis of energy produced by the photovoltaic system no longer considers the optimum tilt for each period (winter and summer). When calculating the tilt factor, the new version now considers the optimum tilt per month depending on the project's latitude. Therefore, the analysis of the energy produced per panel is more accurate.

The introduction of the "String" concept in the program means that when it comes to calculating and generating the shading diagram of the solar panels, users can select whether they want to do this per string or per panel. For this purpose, there are two options in the shading calculation:

  • Calculating the shading factor per panel
    The program calculates each panel's independent shading factor.

  • Calculating the shading factor per string
    The program calculates each panel's shading factor individually and applies the most unfavourable shading factor to all the panels in the string.

In version 2024.a, for the modelling carried out in the "Photovoltaic installation" tab, entering the wiring is optional. Now, when entering each element, the output element is specified so that the subsequent analysis of electrical parameters can be carried out.

On the other hand, the "Row of panels" feature has been added to make it easier to enter panels quickly.  This tool allows a row of panels to be entered with a general configuration for all of them, by simply defining two points in the space.

The "string" concept has been added to the program. Using the "Strings" tool, strings can be created in the job in order to be subsequently assigned to the panels found in the model.

Once this assignment has been made, the program checks and analyses the string parameters for the subsequent analysis of the entire system.

As a result of the added "Hybrid inverters" and "Modular batteries" elements, the types of systems supported by the predesigner have been increased. The types of systems analysed by the predesigner are now as follows:

  • Off-grid system with monoblock batteries
  • Off-grid system with modular batteries (from 2024.a)
  • On-grid system without storage
  • On-grid system with storage and autonomy (from 2024.a)
  • On-grid system with surplus storage (from 2024.a)

In the 2024.a version of CYPELEC PV Systems, more elements for modelling photovoltaic systems have been added. The new elements that have been incorporated are the following:

  • Hybrid inverters
  • Modular batteries
  • Distribution panels