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Open BIM Vertical Connections

3D workspace user guide

Some CYPE OPEN BIM programs have a 3D workspace to enter the elements of the installation. This 3D interface is currently available in the following applications:

  • Open BIM Analytical Model
  • CYPE Construction Systems
  • Open BIM Model Checker
  • Open BIM Vertical Connections
  • CYPE Lightning
  • CYPEHVAC Ductwork
  • Open BIM RenoZEB - Focchi Facades
  • Open BIM UNEX
  • CYPELEC PV Systems

A user guide for the tools of this 3D workspace is published with the 2020.f version.

Download it here: 3D workspace. 3D workspace tools user guide.

Lift animation

"Open BIM Vertical Connections" generates an animated image of the lifts that have been introduced in the program, which is also exported to the BIM project so that it can be viewed in the 3D viewer of the BIMserver.center platform or from any of the applications that are involved in the project.


As of the 2020.b version, lifts can be introduced in "Open BIM Stairs & Ramps". Due to this, the name of the program has been changed to "Open BIM Vertical Connections".

As occurs with all the elements that have been introduced in "Open BIM Vertical Connections", lifts can be exported to the BIM project that is located on the BIMserver.center platform to which the project is connected, and information can be exchanged with other specialist programs that may be involved in the same project.

The lifts that are introduced can be configured. Users can modify the size of the cabin, the stops or the type of opening.

Open BIM Stairs & Ramps (new program)

"Open BIM Stairs & Ramps" is a free computer tool design to provide the architectural model of stairs and ramps in BIM projects.

Using "Open BIM Stairs & Ramps" users can automatically generate individual stair or ramp spans, or stairwells and ramp cores. The basic units of the program are stair spans, ramp spans, landings and railings. Using these four elements, users can generate the stairs and ramps in an Open BIM project.

"Open BIM Stairs & Ramps" can be downloaded from the BIMserver.center platform and installed in Catalan, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese from Brazil or Spanish.

More information on this new application will be available shortly.