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Used for structural design by thousands of technical offices and public bodies around the world, CYPE's software guarantees maximum reliability in analyses and allows users to propose technical and economical solutions for the project.


CYPECAD is a BIM application for the design, analysis, and sizing of structures for building and civil works, which are subject to vertical and horizontal forces, as well as fire exposure.


CYPE 3D is an agile and efficient program created for the analysis and design of three-dimensional structures with elements made of concrete, steel, composite concrete and steel, aluminium, timber, or any other material, and includes the sizing of connections (welded and bolted connections of rolled and welded steel I sections and hollow structural sections) and their foundations with baseplates, footings, pile caps, and strap and tie beams.

CYPE Connect

CYPE Connect can model and analyse, in addition to steel element connections, connections between timber structural elements as well as steel-to-timber connections, using the finite element method. This application uses the OpenSees calculation engine.

StruBIM Steel

StruBIM Steel is a program developed for the creation and maintenance of BIM models for structural steel detailing.This program allows users to create a precise BIM model that includes the necessary elements (sections, plates, bolts, butt welds and anchorage) to define the structure. For the results output the program provides shop drawings in DSTV format.

StruBIM Rebar

StruBIM Rebar is a program with which users can model the reinforcement of reinforced concrete structural elements in the BIM model.

StruBIM Cantilever Walls

StruBIM Cantilever Walls is a program created to design and check reinforced concrete cantilever walls for retaining soil. It automatically carries out the pre-design of the geometry, the analysis of the elevation reinforcement and the geometrical and reinforcement design of the wall footing.

StruBIM Embedded Walls

StruBIM Embedded Wall is an application for designing and checking different types of embedded walls (diaphragm walls, piled retaining walls, mini piled retaining walls, steel pile walls and generic embedded walls) for building and public works.

StruBIM Foundations

Engineering software suite for buildings which calculates structural elements by carrying out the analysis, design, check, as well as providing the technical drawings for the structural project, (Record Engineer) of the elements that have been defined.