Associated programs


StruBIM Box Culverts is a program for designing and checking reinforced concrete frames used in underpasses roads and drainage works. They can have a freely-designed polygonal layout both in floor plan and elevation drawings, and they can be single-cell or multi-cell.

It can be used for designing frames for prefabrication by defining joints or for in-situ assembly. The section allows users to configure multi-cell box culverts.

The tool includes several assistants to help users enter data for standard cases: straight, skewed, and general box culverts.

The design model used is a 3D thick-shell triangular finite element type, which considers shear deformation. These elements consist of six nodes, at the vertices and midpoints of the sides, each with six degrees of freedom.

Truck loads may be entered in any position, as well as strip loads and loads on slabs.