Associated programs:

Elements library

StruBIM Steel allows users to save the characteristics of project elements via the following libraries:

StruBIM Steel permite guardar las características de los elementos del proyecto a través de las siguientes bibliotecas:

Section library

The StruBIM steel sections library allows users to enter rolled, reinforced, cold-formed and tubular steel sections of various types. As well as manually entering sections, StruBIM Steel allows information to be retrieved from an extensive section library, with codes and manufacturers from a wide range of countries.

If the workflow adopted by the user includes the import process from a BIM model of the structure developed in CYPECAD or CYPE 3D, StruBIM Steel will import the sections and add them to the project library automatically if they are compatible with the program.

Bolt library

The StruBIM Steel bolt library allows series of bolts to be stored depending on different geometrical characteristics. Each series can also be characterised by entering a reference, whether or not there is a locknut, whether or not the bolt is pre-stressed, and the number of washers. As well as manual bolt entry, StruBIM Steel has an extensive library of bolts including standards from a wide range of countries.

Library of cast-in anchors

The StruBIM Steel cast-in anchor library allows series of anchors to be registered, considering different geometrical characteristics. As well as manual anchor entry, StruBIM Steel allows data to be retrieved from an anchor library including standards from a wide range of countries.

Electrode library

The StruBIM Steel electrode library allows electrodes to be saved by entering a reference and resistance. As well as manual electrode entry, StruBIM Steel allows data to be retrieved from an electrode library covering different types of electrodes.

Joints library

Joints between structural elements modelled in StruBIM Steel can be saved in a local library and reused in other projects. This library is compatible with CYPE Connect.