Associated programs

Analysis with code AISC 360-16 (LRFD)

The AISC 360-16 (LRFD code has been implemented for analysing connections in accordance Eurocode 3 and Spanish code EAE.

Specific resistance checks and the layout of prestressed bolts, ordinary bolts and welds have been implemented. For plates, the program will verify that the equivalent Von Mises deformation value does not exceed 5% (EN1993-1-5, Annex C, Section C.8, Note 1).

The detailed checks will show the code’s reference article.

As of version 2022.b, welds will include an electrode material selection. This is carried out because the resistance check for fillet welds compares the required strength of the chord with the filler metal resistance. For codes where the filler metal is assumed to have a higher resistance than the plates to be joined (Eurocode 3 and EAE 2011), this selection will only be for documentation purposes and the selection may be left empty.

The USA element library has also been added with inch-pound units, USA (IP) and with metric units USA (M). These libraries include materials for sections and plates, the sections included in the AISC Shapes Database v.15, bolts, anchors and electrodes.