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Design model for prestressed bolts

The analysis of bolted connections with prestressed bolts has been added. Up until version 2022.b, the design model for prestressed bolts and ordinary bolts did not change, although the sliding resistance check was carried out for prestressed bolts, in accordance with the selected code.

The prestressed bolts will no longer transmit shear forces through the support of the bolts on the plate and will be transmitted by means of the friction between them along with the transmission through the perimeter of the hole. The simplified model used allows the deformation in the support areas of the connected elements to be minimised.

  • Shear transmission by support on standard bolts
  • Shear transmission by friction on prestressed bolts

Assigning the placement of bolts as prestressed or ordinary is data attached to the bolt series, it can additionally be edited directly in the data panel of the bolt series in each operation. In the libraries added by default to the program, there are prestressed bolt series.

  • For the "Europe" library is series "EN 14399-3"
  • For "USA" libraries is series "F3125 (PT)"