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Improvements in the checking of the "Maximum buildable area, depending on use"

To make it easier for users to view the "Maximum buildable area, depending on use", two improvements have been implemented in its check:

  1. New arrangement in the tree structure by floor and type
    In previous versions, each computable built area was shown separately in a table. This made it more difficult to review the check due to the large number of areas that a building could contain.

    As of version 2024.b of the program, the table of computable built areas is arranged in a tree structure that shows which floors have the types of computable built areas that exist on that floor. This makes it much easier to check by floor and by type of area.

  2. Highlighting computable built areas according to type
    In previous versions of the program, the check would highlight all areas in green if they met the check and in red if they did not.

    The purpose of the check, as well as finding out whether an area is compliant or not, is to quickly and easily view the computable built areas, depending on use. For this purpose, as of version 2024.b, the lighting of the area is carried out according to the colour assigned to the type.

Both improvements allow for a highly intuitive and fast viewing of all types of computable built areas that exist on a floor.