Other improvements and corrections

CYPECAD version 2023.a includes other minor improvements and corrections of the program for certain cases:

  • Deleting jobs
    In “File management” (“File” menu), several jobs can be selected in order to delete them simultaneously.

  • Floor diagram in the "Import of BIM models"
    In the "Floor plans" section of the "Import of BIM models" wizard, a floor plan diagram has been added to visually check if the floor plan dimensions to be imported are as expected.

    In some cases, the diagram does not appear because the information exported to the IFC file by the program where the model has been designed has not been generated according to the IFC standard. The best solution for these cases would be for this information to be exported correctly but, if this is not possible, the "Zo" value of "Local reference system of the model" in "Geographical location and reference system" can be modified. At this stage of the import wizard, the necessary instructions are given to match the plant dimensions to the expected ones.

  • Import of BIM models - Columns
    The fixed point of columns in BIM projects designed with CYPE Architecture is imported.

  • Improved selection of reinforced and prestressed joist floor slab sheets
    As of version 2023.a, users can select a card containing a concrete with a lower "fcd" than the one selected in the job.

  • Updating a BIM project
    An error that occurred when updating a BIM project after adding a floor with beams to the project has been fixed.

  • Reorganising beam alignments
    The warning message that appears when using the "Reorganise" option in the "Beam alignments" dialogue box ("Beam definition" tab > "Beams" menu > "Beam alignments") if there are alignments with previously assigned references has been improved.

  • Inertia reduction factors
    The values of "Inertia reduction factors" have been modified when the selected seismic code is 'P100 - 1/2013 (Romania)'. Previously they were the default values; now they are the values indicated by this code.

  • Generic column reinforcement with asymmetrical transverse section
    The generation of generic column reinforcement with asymmetrical shapes has been improved. In some cases, this reinforcement was generated with interchanged axes.

  • Beam assembly reinforcement tables
    The editing of the beam assembly reinforcement tables has been improved in order to allow the same entry to be used in different width and/or depth ranges.

  • Sloped beams
    The entry of sloped beams has been improved. After selecting the first point the zoom setting is maintained. Previously it was changed in order to display a complete view of the floor plan.

  • Concrete column resistance
    Four decimal points are allowed in "Concrete resistance > Reduction coefficient to be applied to the concrete resistance".

  • Adjusting beams
    In the "Beams > Adjust" option, the template snap has been improved. Previously, in some cases, the desired line could not be selected from among all the lines in the template when they were in close proximity to the beam.

  • Improved drawing of walls arranged on top of other walls
    On rare occasions, the drawing of one wall on top of another in the initial group of floors of the wall was not carried out correctly.

  • Importing jobs from CYPE 3D
    The import of CYPE 3D works as integrated 3D Structures has been improved. As of version 2023.a, jobs with user-defined project situations can be imported.