Selecting design situations for the checking of allowable bearing pressures

Eurocode 7 proposes three possible design approaches for carrying out the checks of the limit states related to the ground. The difference between the different design approaches lies in the partial safety factors to be applied to the actions, ground parameters and resistances. The design approach to be used will be determined by the National Annex of each country.

In order to take this into account, the possibility to select one or two design situations (“A1 – Set B” and/or “A2 – Set C”) for the Eurocodes and their National Annexes has been added in version 2023.c. Thus, users can check the allowable bearing pressures and sliding in footings, mat foundation and foundation beams as specified in the relevant National Annex to Eurocode 7. This selection can be made under Project > General data > Foundation elements with external fixity.