Structural timber element connections

As of version 2022.d, CYPE Connect can model and analyse connections between structural timber elements as well as steel-to-timber elements.

The new CYPE Connect feature makes designing steel-to-timber connections easier. In these connections, forces are transmitted from one piece of timber to another by means of metal elements (fasteners and connections). The connection between the different structural timber elements is achieved by means of dowel-type fasteners and auxiliary steel elements such as metal sheets or sections. The timber elements transmit their forces via the fasteners (bolts, dowels and screws) to all the other elements they are connected to (steel sections and sheets).

For modelling timber connections, the "Timber" operation has been implemented in the editing screen of a connection, which includes the tools "Bolts", "Dowels" and "Screws". In the rest of the operations available in the top bar of the program, the necessary modifications have been implemented for considering timber elements depending on the requirements of each operation.

After defining all the elements that make up the connection, the calculation can be carried out following the same procedure as for connections between steel sections.

The program analyses the stresses and deformations of each of the connection components using OpenSees© finite element software. With the acquired results, besides checking the steel elements in accordance with the selected steel code, the fasteners for timber are also checked according to the criteria in the chosen timber code.

For mechanical connections, dowel-type elements are an essential part of the load-bearing structure. By checking these fasteners in accordance with the requirements in the timber standard, we ensure that they are correctly designed to withstand and transmit the forces they will be subjected to. In version 2022.d, the criteria of Eurocode 5 (EN 1995-1-1) have been implemented.

In order for CYPE Connect to be able to model and analyse connections between structural timber elements, the user license must have the corresponding permission. For steel-to-timber connections, the user license must have permissions for both connection types. In any case, the OpenSees© calculation engine user license permission is required.