CYPE personalises its design and analysis solutions thanks to the collaboration of manufacturers


The architecture, engineering and construction software company adapts construction solutions from ten new manufacturers to BIM technology in the first semester this year

The CYPE cost database ‘Generador de precios’ has incorporated the product data of 20 new manufacturers in 2020 and already has over 160 companies in its database

CYPE continues to work on personalising its design and analysis program solutions with the development of custom tools for manufacturers adapted to the Open BIM workflow and the incorporation of new companies into the CYPE cost database, ‘Generador de precios’. Additionally, the constant updating of data on files and tariffs of the companies already present in the ‘Generador de Precios’ have made this solution a reference database at international level.

Thanks to this work, technicians and designers have the necessary tools to carry out their work with products from specific manufacturers, facilitating the design and analysis of their projects with precise and exhaustive descriptions of the characteristics of each product, incorporating price specifications, technical conditions and CO2 emissions, amongst other item sections.

Within the new Open BIM Systems solutions, CYPE has developed in 2020 a dozen specialist software programs adapted to the Open BIM workflow and that work with digital models within the platform. Among these companies are manufacturers such as Bosch, Giacomini, Kaysun, Midea, Movair, Saunier Duval, Schneider Electric, Vaillant, Panasonic, Unex, Tvitec or URSA AIR.

The Open BIM Systems are highly specialised tools of the products of the manufacturers that aid the user with the layout of the selected 3D elements in the project, based on calculation criteria, code checks and interaction control.

With these tools, technicians can integrate the products from each manufacturer and generate the three-dimensional model of each element, being able to place it in its exact spatial position and digitally view it in the building’s environment. In addition, designers can view their work in both Augmented and Virtual Reality for free, thanks to the technology of

To date, a total of 23 manufacturers from all over the world have their own Open BIM Systems tool, enabling technicians to use their products in projects developed in an Open BIM workflow, characterised by being collaborative, open and coordinated on the platform.

The CYPE cost database, ´Generador de precios´ continues to grow

As for the CYPE cost database, ‘Generador de precios’ , it is constantly growing and being updated, thanks to which this database is now an international reference in the field of construction, since it is adapted to 27 countries and available in three languages: Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Compared to other conventional cost databases, the ‘Generador de precios’ provides a description of the characteristics of each product, as well as incorporating a detailed specification of the price, particular technical conditions, waste generated, quality control, CO2 emissions and health, safety and maintenance documentation for each item.

Among the most recently incorporated manufacturers in 2020 are brands such as SB SYSTEMS, THERMOR, TECHNAL, BIODRY, CAJAISLANT, EXLABESA, GIRA, HAIER and KERAKOLL, which have led to the ‘Generador de precios’ having over 160 manufacturers and millions of references. The new additions join a constant process of updating the products of the manufacturers already present.

The success of this tool is evident when analysing the number of visits to its online version ‘’ which in 2019 received over 40 million consultations, making this solution one of the most visited construction databases in the world.