CYPE presents its BIM solutions to 300 Serbian engineering and architecture students


CYPE sponsors the "Build it First" event held in the city of Zlatibor and organised by engineering students from the University of Novi Sad in Serbia

CYPE has showcased its different BIM workflow programs to around 300 architecture and engineering students from Serbia during the "Build it First" event that was held in the city of Zlatibor and organised by students from the University of Novi Sad and gathered alumni from all over the country from 21 to 24 March.

During the event, both CYPE representatives and e-DISTI, CYPE's local distributor in the country, explained how the company's different applications work, covering the phases of design (conceptualisation, planning, architectural design, structural design and MEP design, coordination analysis), execution (drawings, fabrication, sourcing) and operations (asset management and maintenance, waste management). They also presented the cloud platform, a CDE that securely stores all project information and is used by professionals from more than 180 countries all around the world.

Through their participation, CYPE aims to help those students of specialities related to the architecture, engineering and construction industry to get to know and master the Open BIM work methodology that is spreading all over the world and that is based on the use of digital models and on the collaboration between professionals from different fields.

Additionally, BIM makes it easier to use new technologies in the construction sector, such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, among many others. "During our participation, we discussed how our technology can help students to enhance their professional skills from a practical point of view during their academic years," says Carlos Fernández, technical director of CYPE, who recommends that students work on "different areas such as software skills, managing information from different sources and formats on a single platform, workflow, planning and flexibility to deal with unforeseen events" during their training.

An exclusive training platform

CYPE has developed Education, a platform specifically designed for universities, training centres, vocational schools, training companies, etc. Here, teachers and students can work together safely in the same environment with the possibility of creating, sharing and developing construction projects based on BIM technology. Currently, more than 300 professors and almost 1,000 students from more than 200 academic institutions and 279 academic departments worldwide use the Education platform for educational purposes.