Program description

CYPEFIRE Pressure Systems is an application that has been developed to carry out the checks that are described in the EN 12101-6 code, which establishes the requirements of a staircase pressurisation system.

The application contains System classes A, B, C, D and E, as are indicated in the code, to be able to perform all the necessary checks for each one.

When the geometric model of the building is available in the BIM project, “CYPEFIRE Pressure Systems” can detect the protected staircases and those that are especially protected, which require a smoke control installation, as defined in the fire safety applications, “CYPEFIRE Design” and “CYPEFIRE CTE”.


CYPEFIRE Pressure Systems has been developed with an open approach in which users have control over the analysis performed in the program. To offer this versatility on the application parameters, a tool has been added that allows users to act on each leak of the overpressure system.

This way, users can modify the properties of the overpressure systems in each room that is involved in the analysis and check the imported parameters of the BIM model.

Results output

CYPEFIRE Pressure Systems generates a report for each system that has been designed, detailing the system types, an estimate of the leaks through doors, windows and walls, the flow that has been obtained for each design criteria, etc.

User license

In order to work with CYPEFIRE Pressure Systems, the user licence must have the corresponding permission for this program.