Calculation procedure

CYPELEC Grounding IEC allows users to calculate grounding resistance in electrical installations based on the IEC 60364-5-54 standard.

IEC 60364-5-54 addresses grounding installations and protective conductors, including equipotential bonding conductors, with a view to ensuring the safety of the electrical installation.

The grounding resistance value is obtained by specifying the soil resistivity, the total length of the horizontal buried conductor and the properties of the grounding electrodes defined in the standard, choosing between:

  • Isolated vertical rod
  • Two rods in line
  • Three rods in line
  • Three rods in triangular formation
  • Four rods in line
  • Four rods in square formation
  • Buried vertical plate
  • Metallic column


The final result is exported as an IFC data exchange file to be used in other Open BIM programs.