StruBIM Deep Beams is a tool for the design of deep beams. This application is integrated in the Open BIM workflow using the IFC standard.

  • Import from the BIM model
    Users can import beams with this applications by using an assistant with which they can filter which beams are to be imported by applying a depth/length ratio criteria.

    StruBIM Deep Beams imports the geometry of the beams that meet the depth/length ratio that has been indicated by users from the IFC file. The IFC file containing the geometric information of the beams can be generated by Revit or by CYPECAD.

  • Updating process
    If the IFC file is imported again, new beams can imported. Previously imported beams can be modified and beams that are no longer in the BIM model can be eliminated.

  • Export
    StruBIM Deep Beams allows users to export the reinforcement of the beams that have been designed to the BIM model by generating an IFC file. Furthermore, the design reports and drawings, in “PDF” and “DXF” formats respectively, can be exported as attached documents of the BIM model.

StruBIM Deep Beams can only be downloaded from the platform.