Update history​

CYPE Health and safety

Copying elements between floors

CYPE Health and safety version 2024.f includes the possibility of copying elements between floor plans using the "Copy onto another floor plan" feature located in the "Edit" group of the toolbar.

After selecting this option, users must select the elements to be copied (one by one or multiple selection) and right-click the mouse to open the "Copy to floor plans" dialogue box where they can select the floors to which they are to be copied.

This feature was already available in other CYPE programs.

Improvements in the vertical net options

The vertical net options have been updated for a more intuitive user experience, making the manipulation and configuration of these nets easier and more accessible.

Tilting the vertical net supports

Vertical net supports can now be tilted, providing greater flexibility in the design of these systems and allowing them to be adapted to different contexts and architectural needs.

Exporting construction phases

As of version 2024.f, CYPE Health and safety can export the construction phases to the BIM project, making it easier to interoperate and exchange information with other programs and professionals in the industry.

The IFC created during the export incorporates a set of properties called "set_ProjectPhases", showing the initial and final phases for each of the elements in the CYPE Health and safety model.

Selecting the contribution where the elements will be imported from

As of version 2024.f, users can select the contributions from which they wish to import the building elements, as well as import the contributions present in the shared project. These imported elements will become part of the CYPE Health and safety work file and can be used as their own references, associated with construction phases.

In previous versions, CYPE Health and safety imported the building elements of all BIM project contributions that users had selected with the "Update" option (Import of BIM models).

This allows users to decide, for example, whether the elements to be imported into CYPE Health and safety are those from the architectural model or the structural model (even if both are visible in the work environment).

Other improvements and corrections

In CYPE Health and safety version 2024.e, the following improvements and corrections have been implemented:

  • A basic library of elements is included by default.

  • An example job is included.

  • The extension of the jobs is changed to .chs. Previously, in version 2024.c, the extension was .ob3d. To open jobs from version 2024.c in later versions, the file extension must be modified.

  • The representation of the snapped elements has been improved, changing the illumination from solid to wire.

  •  The representation of vertical networks reduces the number of drawing lines in the network.

Editing the reference of the construction phases

As of CYPE Health and safety version 2024.e, the phase reference can be edited.

Also, the phase reference will be modified in the elements assigned to this phase.

Controlling the visibility and snapping of the building elements

As of version 2024.e, in addition to controlling the visibility of the own elements of the health and safety model, in CYPE Health and safety users can also control the visibility and snapping of imported building elements.

The "Own elements" section of the category tree also includes the categories of the building elements.

Shortcuts for all applications

CYPE apps have keyboard shortcuts common to all programs. In versions before 2024.e, each program displayed the keyboard shortcuts for each app via the "Search and activation of commands and options" in the top left-hand corner of the programs.

As of version 2024.e, the "Shortcuts for all applications" tab has been implemented in the dialogue box displayed when selecting this option and it shows all the keyboard shortcuts common to CYPE apps.

Change of application names

In version 2024.d, the following CYPE applications have been renamed:

Previous nameNew name
CYPELEC SwitchboardOpen BIM Switchboard
Open BIM Construction SystemsCYPE Construction Systems
Open BIM Cost EstimatorCYPE Cost Estimator
Open BIM Gas SupplyCYPE Gas Supply
Open BIM Health and safetyCYPE Health and safety
Open BIM LightningCYPE Lightning
Open BIM SewerageCYPE Sewerage
Open BIM Water SupplyCYPE Water Supply

Overhead coverings

In version 2024.d, a new element type has been implemented: overhead coverings.

In "Elements library >Types of canopies" users can find the canopy library where each type of canopy can be defined.

Canopies consist of a horizontal and a sloped span, with a corrugated metal sheet placed on equidistant supports.

Updated work environment

Up until version 2024.d, the program had a list of floor plans on which the protection elements were entered, and the work environment was exclusively in 2D. As of version 2024.d, the program has a 3D work environment.

This new work environment allows elements to be entered using any element of the project's contributions as a reference.


The program imports the building elements so that, as well as being able to assign phases to the protection elements, phases can also be assigned to the building elements. The building elements, although not specific to the program, are necessary as a context for documenting the layout of the collective protection elements.

An improvement of this new environment is also the view by phases, where the display of each phase can be activated or deactivated.


Version 2024.d also includes a new tool for creating drawings as an improvement. From the "Drawings" button on the top button bar you can access the particular working environment for drawings, this environment is the same as the one in Open BIM Layout, StruBIM Steel or CYPE Connect.

In this panel, users can add sheets and, in each sheet, scenes or views can be added from the 3D model of the project. The program offers one predefined view for each view of the model, one for each phase and one for each informative sign.