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Project management

CYPE offers users a range of software dedicated to project management, job control and elaborating bills of quantities.

CYPE Cost Estimator

CYPE Cost Estimator has been created to automatically estimate the execution cost of a construction project during its preliminary phases, in a simple and practical way, using a fast, efficient and precise design model, by taking into account the built surface, height of the building, and typological, construction, geographic and socioeconomic factors.

Open BIM Quantities

Open BIM Quantities is a tool for extracting quantities and creating bills of quantities based on BIM models that have been defined using the IFC standard.

Open BIM Model Checker

Open BIM Model Checker is an application developed to analyse and inspect BIM models. The aim of this program is to help users detect issues in the models, locate clashes between the different disciplines and consult the project’s documents quickly and easily.

CYPE Health and safety

CYPE Health and Safety is a program that has been created to assist users in the development of drawings of collective protection elements to be incorporated into the project. It also exports the quantities of the elements that have been entered, in FIEBDC-3 format, so they can be used in quantity surveying software.


Arquimedes is a job management tool that allows all kinds of cost estimations to be carried out in a project: its quantities, certifications, multiple technical documents associated with the project, as well as the planning and job control during the construction process.