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The CYPE 3D module is the basic core of CYPE 3D's tools and is required for the operation of all the program versions.

With this module, CYPE 3D analyses three-dimensional structures of nodes and bars with steel sections, concrete and generic materials, and flat sheets. It also includes tension-only tie rods and allows for the design and checking of the steel section bars.

As well as functioning as a stand-alone program, CYPE 3D is integrated into CYPECAD via the "Integrated 3D Structures" feature.

More information:
To explore the amazing features offered by the CYPE 3D program and to consult the learning resources and frequently asked questions, please follow this link.

Other features

The features of this basic version of CYPE 3D can be enhanced by adding any of the CYPE 3D modules listed on the "CYPE 3D modules" page to the user license.