Starting off

To start using the program, you must connect the project you are going to begin to a project that is located on the platform or create a new project.

If you connect to an existing project, that includes a model with the geometry of the building (generated by CAD/BIM programs such as IFC Builder, Allplan, Archicad or Revit), "CYPELEC PV Systems" will import that geometry.

Energy pre-design

Before introducing elements, the program has an integrated tool, which users can use to test the number of photovoltaic modules that are required for the installation. It is an energy pre-designer that requires the following data:

  • The estimated or real energy consumption
    Obtained using data provided by the supply company.

  • The irradiance data for the location, and the orientation and slope of the photovoltaic panels
    The irradiance data can be provided by several sources, such as the PVGIS (Photovoltaic Geographical Information System).


Once users have connected to and imported the selected models of the BIM project, and have used the "Energy pre-designer", they can introduce the elements that are required to complete the photovoltaic electrical installation:

  • Photovoltaic module
  • Inverters
  • Solar regulators or controllers
  • Accumulators or batteries

All these elements should be interconnected with the cabling that is required for it to operate correctly.

Libraries of installation elements

As with other programs, the application has a library of elements in which users can define the properties of the equipment to be used in the installation. These libraries are focused on integrating manufacturer elements.

Design of the installation

Using the "Design conditions" button, users can enter the basic parameters of the system, their location and average monthly values of the daily irradiance on the horizontal plane./p>

Depending on the geometric configuration of the photovoltaic modules that have been entered, the program calculates the loss due to orientation and slope. The loss due to shading depends on the shadows cast by nearby buildings or other surrounding obstacles.

Results and generated documents

The program returns the following results:

  • Energy that is generated by each photovoltaic module and by the whole set.

  • Loss due to orientation and slope.

  • Loss due to shading.

  • Loss due to temperature.

  • Required section cables to support the currents that are generated in each span and to avoid exceeding the maximum allowable voltage drop value.

  • Power, voltage and current values that are admitted by the inverter depending on the adopted configuration.

This information is justified in the detailed design justification report.

User license

CYPELEC PV Systems can be downloaded from the "" platform and requires the "Photovoltaic systems" license to perform the aforementioned analyses.