Importing lighting files in EULUMDAT and IES formats

CYPELUX allows the lighting files to be imported in the following formats:

    Standard format in Europe for photometric data ("ldt" extension).

  • IES
    Standard format in North America for photometric data ("ies" extension).

Normal lighting

CYPELUX carries out the following normal lighting calculations:

  • Calculation of the lighting level of the installation measured at workplane level.

  • Calculation of the energy efficiency value of the installation.

  • Calculation of the glare level based on the UGR defined in code CIE 117:1995 (Discomfort glare in interior lighting).

  • Calculation of the maintenance factor according to the proposed method in the CIE 97:2005 code (Guide on the maintenance of indoor electric lighting systems) for indoor.

Emergency lighting

CYPELUX carries out the following emergency lighting calculations:

  • Calculation of the lighting level of the emergency lighting installation measured at floor level.

  • Allows security and protection equipment layout (safety equipment, fire-safety equipment, lighting distribution panel, etc.).

  • Allows escape route layout and calculates the necessary parameters of lighting and uniformity required to comply with current regulations.

Calculation annex

CYPELUX generates a calculation annex, as well as the design values, the properties of the space and the normal and emergency lighting installations used.

User license

CYPELUX is a free program, so no licence is required to carry out the aforementioned calculations.

Compliance with the requirements that must be met according to the different national and international regulations is evaluated in other CYPE programs which do require their own licenses: CYPELUX CTE (Spain), CYPELUX RECS (Portugal), CYPELUX HQE (France) y CYPELUX EN (International).