Plugin Open BIM - Revit


CYPE is committed to collaborative, multidisciplinary and multi-user workflows that integrate the different construction professionals involved in a project. Therefore, many applications from other software manufacturers can participate in this project development system by exchanging information via standard file formats (IFC, FIEBDC-3, glTF, JSON, etc).

With the Open BIM - Revit Plugin, any Autodesk Revit user will be able to integrate their project into the platform and benefit from all the advantages it offers, such as representing BIM models in augmented reality and virtual reality, controlling updates and incident management, managing project participants and connecting with different Open BIM applications, including CYPE tools.

The following subsections describe the main features of the Open BIM - Revit Plugin:

Features of the Open BIM add-in for Revit

Project modification updates

The Open BIM - Revit Plugin informs Revit users of the modifications that have been generated in the projects of the different disciplines, allowing them to decide whether to update the information of the project or not. Without this add-in, i.e. with only the direct link to Revit using files in IFC format, users must update the project in Revit.

Native mapping of IFC entities of the project

The Open BIM - Revit Plugin allows the conversion of BIMserver IFC elements generated by applications integrated into into Revit native elements by using a mapping table that matches the synchronised information of the Open BIM project with user entities and parameters. The mapping can be configured by IFC class and Revit types, has filtering functions, can be saved and loaded in multiple projects, and allows multiple conversions of IFC links.

Automatic configuration of the export to IFC from the add-in

The export process to an IFC file using the Open BIM - Revit Plugin automatically optimises the generated IFC file so that CYPE programs can interpret it correctly, as long as the modelling of the project in Revit has also been introduced correctly.

Collaboration in the cloud (

Con el Plugin Open BIM - Revit, the Autodesk application can directly use the service. "" is a service managed by CYPE to save, synchronise and share BIM project files. This service offers:

  • Safe storage in the cloud of BIM project files. All intervening construction professionals can access it from any device and share them in a coordinated manner.

  • Acts as a collaboration platform to centralise and manage all files in real-time.

  • Optimises the BIM workflow and communication amongst professionals.

  • Now, Revit, using the new Open BIM add-in created by CYPE, can also use this service, regardless of whether or not there is a connection to other CYPE programs.

License requirements

The Open BIM - Revit Plugin is an open-access application. To operate it, users must have a Revit user license of version 2015 or higher, (with the IFC 2015 or IFC 2016 plugin installed – later versions of Revit already include this plugin).

In order to include Revit projects in the Open BIM workflow with CYPE programs, users must have a CYPE user license (2017.f version or higher) that includes the programs with which they wish to collaborate.