Update history​


Description of a "Mapping file"

A new "Description" field has been added in the editing window of a "Mapping file" allowing a descriptive text to be associated with the set.

This allows users to provide information on the content or use of the set without the limitations of the "Name" field.

Commercial entities

As of version 2024.f, the "Bill of quantities" tab allows commercial information to be entered in the "Project cost database" or a "Cost database".

For this purpose, the "Commercial entities" button has been added to the toolbar in the management window of both elements.

By clicking on it, a menu is displayed where it is possible to define the data of the commercial entities involved in the project or the cost database.

Furthermore, to allow commercial entities to be associated with concepts, the "Commercial entities" field has been added to the editing panel for work sections and items.

Commercial entities are part of the standard database interchange format for the FIEBDC-3 construction database (.bc3). Therefore, this information can be imported and exported using the tools in the "Bill of quantities" tab for managing BC3 files.

New fields for work sections

As of version 2024.f, the work sections of a bill of quantities or a cost database can have more information associated with them. For this purpose, the following tabs have been added to the editing panel of a work section displayed within the management menu of the "Project cost database" or of a "Cost database":

  • Description
  • Graphical information
  • Attached documents

In previous versions, this data could only be associated with "Items".

Cost database templates

As of version 2024.f, the window for creating a "Cost database" includes the "Template" option.

When selected, users can create a cost database with an initial work section structure.

The following configurations are currently available:

  • Spain
  • CSI OmniClass
  • France – UNTEC method
  • GuBIMClass 1.2 ES
  • DIN 276 2018-12
  • RICS NRM 1-3

Installation in Romanian and Russian

As of version 2024.e, CYPEHVAC can also be installed in Romanian and Russian. The languages in which this application can now be installed are the following:

  • Catalan
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Shortcuts for all applications

CYPE apps have keyboard shortcuts common to all programs. In versions before 2024.e, each program displayed the keyboard shortcuts for each app via the "Search and activation of commands and options" in the top left-hand corner of the programs.

As of version 2024.e, the "Shortcuts for all applications" tab has been implemented in the dialogue box displayed when selecting this option and it shows all the keyboard shortcuts common to CYPE apps.

Change of application names

In version 2024.d, the following CYPE applications have been renamed:

Previous nameNew name
CYPELEC SwitchboardOpen BIM Switchboard
Open BIM Construction SystemsCYPE Construction Systems
Open BIM Cost EstimatorCYPE Cost Estimator
Open BIM Gas SupplyCYPE Gas Supply
Open BIM Health and safetyCYPE Health and safety
Open BIM LightningCYPE Lightning
Open BIM SewerageCYPE Sewerage
Open BIM Water SupplyCYPE Water Supply

Saving quantities on the 2D/3D model

In version 2023.d, the "Quantities on the 2D/3D model" were implemented in the applications that have a "Bill of quantities" tab. This tool has now been enhanced in order to allow users to save quantities measured on the 3D view so that they can be used in several quantity detail lines. To this end, the "Save the current quantities" option has been added to the toolbar of the 3D view. By clicking on it, a window is displayed where a description for the quantity can be entered before saving it. In order to display the list of saved quantities, the "Measurements carried out on the model" option has also been added. This option displays a list of the measurements taken, showing the description, type of measurement (length, area, angle, etc.) and value for each one.

The "Assign the quantities measured on the model to the variable" option, which appears next to each variable in a quantity detail line, has changed the way it works as a result of this new feature. In previous versions, clicking on it assigned the last measurement taken on the 3D view, whereas now the "Measurements carried out on the model" list is displayed to select the saved quantity to be used.

Additionally, next to each variable linked to a quantity on the model, the description, type of measurement (length, area, angle, etc.) and value of the selected measurement can be viewed. Also, the "Delete the link between the variable and the quantities measured on the model" and "View the quantities measured on the model in the 3D view" options have been added. The first option allows users to remove the link between the value of the variable and the quantities measured on the model. The second option allows users to display the representation of the assigned measurement in the 3D view. If this option is used on another variable or if another element is selected in the "Bill of quantities" window, this representation will no longer be displayed.

Integrating duct analysis in CYPEHVAC Hydronics and program name change (CYPEHVAC)

As of version 2024.d, "CYPEHVAC Hydronics" (design of water distribution systems for air-conditioning) includes the analysis of ducts and, as a consequence, changes its name to "CYPEHVAC" (design of air-conditioning systems - heating, ventilation and air-conditioning).

Integrating the analysis of ducts in CYPEHVAC means that the program that in previous versions carried out the ductwork analysis (CYPEHVAC Ductwork) will not evolve from this version onwards. The latest available versions of CYPEHVAC Ductwork (2024.b) and CYPEHVAC Hydronics (2024.b) can still be downloaded from the BIMserver.center platform. However, we recommend that from now on, for designing air conditioning systems and analysing air ducts, CYPEHVAC should be used as this program will continue to evolve.

In order to be able to use all the CYPEHVAC features, the user license must have all the permissions included in "CYPEHVAC Hydronics" and "CYPEHVAC Ductwork". The user licence may only have some of the permissions to carry out the design of air conditioning systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and may or may not have the permission to carry out the analysis of ducts. In this case, the program can be used for the design and analysis of the systems included in the user license.

The main change that users will notice in the application interface is the division of the "Installation" tab into the new "Water distribution" and "Air distribution" tabs. This division only affects the options available in the toolbar, as only those options that are required for each type of system are displayed. Both tabs share the display of the design model.

Among the improvements for the ductwork design in CYPEHVAC compared to CYPEHVAC Ductwork, we would like to highlight the following:

  • Integrating new ducted water-air-conditioning units (fan coils).

  • Automatically generated connections.

  • The ability to work with the actual dimensions of each unit.

  • Specific report of the results of the duct distribution with only the worst spans.

Display floor view templates in the 3D view

For 3D views defined within applications with a 3D working environment, the "Show selected templates in each floor view" option has been added. When activated, the templates visible in each of the floor views will be displayed in the 3D view in the dimension corresponding to these views.

Managing the visibility of templates in the view configuration window

As of version 2024.c, applications with a 3D working environment can manage the visibility of templates from the view configuration panel. For this purpose, the "DXF-DWG templates" tab has been added, where a list of all the templates imported into the project is displayed together with a checkbox to indicate which ones should be shown in the view.

Installation modes (professional, campus, evaluation, temporary license)

All CYPE programs can be installed in their different versions (Professional Version, Evaluation Version, Campus Version, Temporary License). In previous versions, users could only choose the type of version to be installed from the classic CYPE menu.

As of version 2024.a, the selection of version types has been implemented in all CYPE programs on the BIMserver.center platform.

As of version 2024.d, this selection can be made during the installation of all CYPE programs, regardless of where they are downloaded.