Architecture and engineering in the fight against climate change

"We need to adapt our society and our infrastructures to the new climatic conditions we are experiencing and which we will continue to face in the coming decades"

27 March 2023

A new evolutionary step in CYPE-Revit interoperability

14 February 2023

How to integrate reinforced concrete structures into the Open BIM workflow

Code compliance, stable information exchange between programs, reduced manual data entry and new technologies are the pillars for modelling structures in BIM.
28 November 2022

New BIM solution for designing steel-to-timber connections

The CYPE Connect application for modelling and analysing connections for steel structures continues to improve and will incorporate a new feature in the coming weeks, thanks to which technicians will be able to design, analyse and verify steel-to-timber connections.
4 November 2021

CYPE Connect, the new application for analysing complex connections in steel structures using the finite element method

The software offers great bi-directional interaction both in the project phase, by taking into account the architectural and analytical models together with the stress design, and in the detailing phase, thanks to the BIM technology of
13 April 2021

CYPE has incorporated the OpenSees calculation engine into its BIM software for structure design

CYPE software incorporates the OpenSees calculation engine for the non-linear analysis of structures in the StruBIM series of programs.
8 April 2021

Key points for the industrialisation of the construction sector- BIM Podcast #026

Ángel Herrero, Director of Development at CYPE, talks about how BIM helps obtain precision models that improve the modelling of buildings and allow buildings to be designed with more quality, making the true industrialisation of construction possible
2 August 2020

Step by step: how to convert CYPECAD IFC’s into Revit native entities

This article will review these new features in the communication with CYPECAD.
15 June 2020

CYPE 2020: Extensive release featuring 15 new Open BIM applications

CYPE has just launched the 2020 version of its software. With it comes numerous improvements and new applications, including 15 new programs that work in conjunction with the Open BIM workflow.
2 August 2019