Arquimedes and Job Control

The most complete tool for Project Management: bills of quantities, project certifications, specifications and job control.

Arquimedes and Job Control has the same features as Arquimedes, and is completed with budgetary control for the job, whose features are detailed below:

Job control

Financial control

Financial control is achieved by defining the invoices received from the suppliers and the invoices emitted to the clients (certifications) and is summarised below:

  • Variance in price and quantity of the supplies that were estimated and what has really been invoiced.
  • Cash-flow by generating due payments.
  • Account status with suppliers and clients, including paid amounts and those pending payment, by generating due payments.

Purchase control

Includes the financial level and allows for supplier orders and delivery notes to be defined, with which the following can be controlled:

  • The supplies in the invoices and the supplies in the orders and delivery notes have identical prices and quantities.
  • Information on supplies provided by the suppliers (order totals, invoiced totals, etc.).
  • Stock (if charges have been defined), resulting from the difference between what has been received and what has been charged to the cost centre.

Control using cost centres

By charging the supplies to the job items and chapters, users can know at every moment:

  • The real execution expenses and the variance with respect to the study budget and sales budget.
  • Real profit to date.
  • Foreseen profit, upon finishing the job, of each job item, chapter and the total budget.


Export of accounts and diary to the following programs:

  • Contaplus©
  • Diamante Financiero©
  • Logic Win©
  • Primavera©
  • Visual Conta©
  • PRINEX 21©

Real processing of VAT, income tax and Canary Islands General Indirect Tax.

Charges applicable to work sections and items

Charges applicable to work sections for direct and indirect expenses, resulting in an impact on the items based on the theoretical consumption of the resources (for direct costs) and based on the production of the items (for indirect expenses).

Multiple jobs

When several jobs are open, all the entry documents can be edited simultaneously (all their orders, delivery notes and invoices), regardless of the job that is selected as the current job. When the supplies are edited, these can be added to a document (order, delivery note, etc.) having been selected from any job. It is also possible to reassign the job from which the supply originates.

Export to accounting can also be carried out in multiple-job mode.


The following reports can be consulted and obtained: account status, price comparison, variances between project and execution, supply history, invoice status, due payments, consumption, warehouse stock, execution situation, real and foreseen profit, etc.

Automatic order generation

Displays an assistant which guides the user when generating orders and even when charging cost centres, if required.

Purchase management

The Purchase management module of Arquimedes and Job control calculates the supplies required to execute a job and to supervise the invoicing from suppliers and subcontractors.

Other features

In order to access further features offered by the program, there are several modules that can be found on the "Arquimedes modules" webpage.