Purchase management

The Purchase management module of Arquimedes and Job Control allows users to calculate the supplies required to execute a job and foresee invoice payments from suppliers and subcontractors.

Purchase management module options

The options of the Purchase management module can be found in Job Control > Purchase management:

Payments to subcontractors and other suppliers can be viewed in the Payments to subcontractors and other suppliers option (Job Control > View).

Purchasing groups and Job supplies

Using the Purchasing groups option, the program allows users to create purchasing groups and incorporate, within them, suppliers or subcontractors selected from the suppliers' list of the job. Using the Job supplies option, the existing supplies of the job can be linked to each purchasing group.

Generating these groups makes it easier to request offers. For example, when the need to purchase concrete is detected, offers can be requested from the suppliers of the "Concrete and mortar" purchasing group, which will include all the supplies of that purchasing group.

Contract supplies

Using this option, users can select the supplies to be purchased or subcontracted classified into purchasing groups.

Offer requests and reception

The Offer requests and Offer reception options, provide users with the tools required to control the offers which have been requested and received.

Using the Paste option within the Offer reception dialogue box (Job Control > Purchase management > Offer reception), the contents of the clipboard are copied to the offer reception table of the selected supplier. In order for Arquimedes to use the data contained in the Windows clipboard, a table of the document sent by the supplier must first be copied to the clipboard. This table can be copied from any file format used by the suppliers to send their offers (spreadsheet, word processor, PDF, etc.). The procedure to be carried out is as follows:

  • Open the document that has been received from the supplier. The information Arquimedes requires from this document are the prices offered by the supplier and their corresponding code.
  • In this document, select the table or part of the table containing the prices that are to be pasted in Arquimedes, in such a way that the first column of the selected table contains the concept codes and the last contains the price of each concept. This way, Arquimedes can identify to which concept each price corresponds. Only the prices of concepts that are identified by their code will be taken.

Another option is to only select the column containing the prices. In this case, users must ensure that the order of the prices coincides with the contents of the list.

  • Copy the selected data to the clipboard, return to Arquimedes and click on the Paste button to import the received prices.

Purchase comparatives

Using the Purchase comparatives option, the offers that have been received can be viewed, so the best can be selected and then be able to prepare the contracts. To help users, within the dialogue where the purchase comparative is viewed, the lowest prices are displayed in green and the highest in red. Also displayed are the supplies for each supplier and future contract.

Generate contracts

Using the Generate contracts option, users can create contracts of the suppliers (supplies or rent) and of the subcontractors (execution contracts) which are awaiting a contract. The Job contracts option opens a dialogue box containing a list of the contracts that have been generated so users can view and edit them. When a contract is edited, a text editor opens where users can:

  • Manually modify the text
  • Cut, copy, paste, search for or substitute texts
  • Modify the format (type, font and size of the text, text alignment, paragraph numbering, etc.)

Payments to subcontractors and other suppliers

Using the Payments to subcontractors and other suppliers dialogue box (Job control > View > Payments to subcontractors and other suppliers), users can view the foreseen payments to be made to subcontractors and other suppliers, displayed for each supplier and for each execution phase or month. The supplies of each supplier and payment details of each supply can also be consulted.

Other features

In order to access further features offered by the program, there are several modules that can be found on the "Arquimedes modules" webpage.