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Pile cap analysis and design

Using the Pile caps module, CYPECAD and CYPE 3D can design foundations resolved using piles with their respective pile caps. Each pile cap may hold one or several columns, shear walls or walls, their arrangement left to the user’s choice. This module also designs strap and tie beams spanning between the pile caps.

General features of the Pile caps module

The tools required to introduce foundations composed of footings are located at:

    Foundation menu within the Beam Definition or Results tab
  • CYPE 3D
    Foundation elements menu within the Foundation tab

Both CYPECAD and CYPE 3D design pile caps with one or several piles. A wide range of types is available.

The programs allow for several columns and shear walls to be selected to share the same pile cap as well as designing any strap or tie beams that have been introduced to span between the pile caps.

This Pile caps module can be complemented by another module which provides further design options. This is the Advanced foundations module, which allows CYPECAD and CYPE 3D to design foundations with special intersections (strap and tie beam intersections).

Pile cap edition

Once the structure has been analysed and designed, the user can edit any pile cap so to view its dimensions and reinforcement.

The pile caps editor also allows the user to change the type of pile cap, modify its dimensions and reinforcement, and select the type of pile. Once the specifications have been introduced by the user, the editor can check to see whether the pile cap complies with the modifications that have been introduced or design the pile cap. The design process consists of three options:

  • Complete
    The pile cap is designed taking into account the changes carried out by the user regarding the pile cap, materials and pile options. Any dimension or reinforcement changes that have been introduced are not taken into account.
  • Minimum dimensions
    The program checks the pile cap that has been defined with dimensions provided by the user, taking into account any material changes that may have been introduced. If necessary, the program increases the dimensions of the pile cap in accordance with the selected type. The reinforcement is also designed.
  • Redesign
    The program redesigns the reinforcement and checks the pile cap without modifying its dimensions.

Pile cap forces and their design

The forces acting on the pile caps are obtained in the same way as for footings, as is the pile cap design.

More information on how the pile caps are designed can be found in the "Footing analysis and design" section of the Footing analysis and design page.

Other features

In order to access further features offered by the program, there are several modules that can be found on the “CYPECAD modules” webpage.