Architecture and engineering in the fight against climate change

"We need to adapt our society and our infrastructures to the new climatic conditions we are experiencing and which we will continue to face in the coming decades"

27 March 2023

A new evolutionary step in CYPE-Revit interoperability

14 February 2023

PV systems: a solution for reducing pollution and energy dependence

We explain how the CYPELEC PV Systems program allows users to design and size a PV self-consumption system in a simple way.
13 January 2023

Four ways to enter a topographic surface in a BIM model

Open BIM Site makes it easy to incorporate and edit topographic surfaces, parcels or buildings in order to define the initial site conditions of a project anywhere in the world.
13 December 2022

Bio-construction techniques in glamping: from emitting more than 760,000 kilos of CO₂ to absorbing carbon dioxide

Following sustainable criteria such as the use of environmentally friendly materials would result in a 117.8% reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
27 June 2022

3 ways of modelling curtain walls in CYPE Architecture

CYPE Architecture has recently added new tools for modelling curtain walls. In this article we will describe some of them in detail.
5 August 2021

Four resources that can help you learn to model with CYPE Architecture

CYPE Architecture, the new architectural modeling program released by CYPE in their 2021 version, continues adding new functions with each version. To date, the program has received five updates, all of them full of new capabilities. Many interesting projects have been developed with the program, and in addition, the integrations with other applications improve day by day.
22 April 2021

CYPE Architecture: good architectural modelling practices for thermal and acoustic simulations

If your aim is to use the model of the building that you have created with CYPE Architecture to perform thermal and acoustic analysis in programs such as CYPETHERM or AcouBAT by CYPE, we recommend that you complete the following steps to optimise the model.
20 September 2020

Madrid supports the submission of BIM models documented with the CYPEURBAN tool to speed up the processing of planning permission

Madrid will create a new Permission Unit made up of municipal technicians who are training in BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodology
14 September 2020

6 tools to combine with CYPE Architecture to enhance your workflow

We will list six tools, that when used together with CYPE Architecture, can enrich the Open BIM project.
5 August 2020

Key points for the industrialisation of the construction sector- BIM Podcast #026

Ángel Herrero, Director of Development at CYPE, talks about how BIM helps obtain precision models that improve the modelling of buildings and allow buildings to be designed with more quality, making the true industrialisation of construction possible
2 August 2020

Open BIM COVID-19 | Quick start guide

The aim of this quick start guide is to explain the functionality of the Open BIM COVID-19 tool for the design and analysis or safety measures against the spread of COVID-19 in architectural spaces. It may be useful for your understanding to consult the user manual. You can also find more information about Open BIM COVID-19 at this link.
10 June 2020

CYPE 2020: Extensive release featuring 15 new Open BIM applications

CYPE has just launched the 2020 version of its software. With it comes numerous improvements and new applications, including 15 new programs that work in conjunction with the Open BIM workflow.
2 August 2019