Open BIM Layout

Update history

In version 2023.d, the management of categories marked as "Snappable" has been added to the sidebar. Each element in the 3D scenes belongs to a category.

This improvement is useful, for example, when tagging or dimensioning items to deactivate categories that don't need to be snapped. The sidebar location allows quick access to this commonly used tool.

In version 2023.d, the print management of elements according to their category has been added. From "3D Scene" > "Drawing attributes", users can access the dialogue box that allows them to select the categories to be printed ("Print by category" tab). Unchecked categories will be displayed on screen but will not be printed. This implementation is particularly relevant, for example, with connection symbols, which should be displayed on screen so they can be tagged, but not printed (see new feature "Connection symbols in drawing layouts").

Line style editing by category has been added. The dialogue box for editing the line style can be accessed from the "3D Scene" tool > "Drawing attributes" option. When the scenes are defined as a vector image, the edges of the elements can be seen on screen according to the line style and the colour chosen by the user between the identification colour or the printing colour.