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HVAC systems

With these CYPE systems, the specialist responsible for HVAC projects can access precise calculations of thermal loads, design the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems including their components, and create the drawings and diagrams together with the calculations report of their projects.

CYPEHVAC Schematics

CYPEHVAC Schematics is a free program designed to draw the schematic diagrams of hydronic HVAC systems. The components are represented using symbols in accordance with ASHRAE standards.


CYPEHVAC Ductwork is a program for designing HVAC ductwork systems including grilles and other ventilation equipment such as heat recovery units, fans and air handling units. The application allows users to import any required information taken from other Open BIM tools, so that both the architectural models developed in IFC format and the results of the analysis with CYPETHERM LOADS can be used when designing installations.

CYPEHVAC Hydronics

CYPEHVAC Hydronics designs water distribution systems for air conditioning. It designs radiators (two-pipe system), fan coils, boilers and heat pumps, assigning the loads to each of these elements. The program obtains the geometry of the building and the thermal loads calculated in the CYPETHERM LOADS program from the BIM project to which it is linked.

CYPEHVAC Radiant Floor

CYPEHVAC Radiant Floor is a BIM application for designing radiant floor heating and cooling systems. The software imports architectural models developed in IFC format, where systems can be entered and designed using different tools. There are three main options offered by the program: automatically entering circuits, updating the pattern considering both obstacles and spaces; and automatically measuring the materials necessary for the complete installation of the systems.