CYPELEC Distribution

Getting started

To start working with the program, users must connect the job they are going to start to a BIM project on the platform. This can be an existing project or a new one.

If connected to an existing project that includes a model with the building geometry (generated by CAD/BIM programs such as CYPE Architecture, Allplan, Archicad or Revit), CYPELEC Distribution will import this geometry.

If the project also includes a BIM model of the layout of electrical mechanisms in the final project brief of the electrical installation (e.g. designed with CYPELEC Electrical Mechanisms), as well as an electrical equipment layout belonging to other disciplines (e.g. CYPELUX and Open BIM HVAC programs), users can import whatever they need to define the indoor electrical distribution.

Work environment

CYPELEC Distribution has a 3D work environment. After connecting and importing the selected models from the BIM project, the program allows electrical receivers, switchboards and sub-switchboards, and feeders to be incorporated. Receivers are defined according to their electrical properties (power, power factor), including the nature of their load (lighting, electrical outlet, motor or generic load).

The electrical circuits that will feed each of the receivers distributed throughout the installation are defined in the switchboards. These circuits can be distributed through conduits connecting the different nodes.

Finally, an installation may be completed with a feeder indicating its link nodes, such as load centres and sub-meters.

Continue working

Once the electrical distribution has been completed, CYPELEC Distribution allows this information to be exported to the BIM project so that electrical installation design programs (such as CYPELEC Core, CYPELEC REBT, CYPELEC NF or CYPELEC RETIE) can check or automatically generate the single-line diagram, thus achieving considerable savings and greater efficiency in the design of these installations.


CYPELEC Distribution provides 2D and 3D electrical distribution drawings as results.

User license

As of version 2023.b, the CYPELEC Distribution application is free of charge.

To work with versions prior to CYPELEC Distribution 2023.b, the license must include the corresponding permission.