Open BIM Quantities


Open BIM Quantities is a tool for extracting quantities and creating bills of quantities based on BIM models that have been defined using the IFC standard.

This application is integrated into the Open BIM workflow via the platform.

How it works

Open BIM Quantities is able to read the properties and quantities contained in each one of the IFC entities that make up the digital model of the building.

With this information, specialists can establish the set of measurement rules that they consider appropriate, in order to transform the data contained in the elements of the model into real items for the bill of quantities. This set consists of a series of smart rules that allow the filtering of elements based on their properties, as well as indicating which of these dimensions will be used in the quantities of the items they generate.

In the "Bill of quantities" tab in Open BIM Quantities, the items previously extracted from the BIM model can be linked to concepts in a cost database. It is possible to import both complete cost databases and individual concepts from cost databases that have been developed according to the FIEBDC-3 (.bc3) standard, such as the CYPE’s cost database Generador de Precios.

In addition, the user can edit the final result of the quantities and bill of quantities, add additional information and generate the necessary documentation for its justification.

The program allows the user to export the quantities and bill of quantities generated to FIEBDC-3 (.bc3) format. In this way, it can be processed by bill of quantities programs like Arquimedes.

Open BIM Quantities also makes it possible for users to extract quantities and bill of quantities documentation (without using a bill of quantities program) through various reports that can be exported to HTML, DOCX, PDF, RTF and TXT format (Quantities, Cost breakdown structure, Priced bill of quantities, Detailed priced bill of quantities, BoQ summary).

License requirements

In order to work with Open BIM Quantities, the user license must include the "Bill of quantities of BIM models" permission.